Jason's demos. Feedback is desired.

11/8/03 - A late night talk about how and why we're never satisfied with anything. We're never where we want to be, never have everything we want to have, never look the way we want to look, never feel the way we want to feel and the reason, I think, has something to do with always trying (even subconsciously) to please the one that already loves us as we are. All we really need to do is rest...but we won't.
11/20/03 - Everyone wants to be pursued. Cason helped me get started on this one, I wasn't sure where to take it. Right now it's a bunch of loose ideas thrown together. It kinda works, but there's still a lot to be done to smooth it all out. I'm pretty pleased with my loops. The string part, too, even though I don't really know what I'm doing when I play the keyboard. I hope you like it.
There's an island in Nova Scotia that supposedly houses a buried treasure. Many people have given and lost their lives trying to find the treasure. It's still a mystery.
Just a song I wrote after a trip to Memphis.